about us

The core group that would eventually form the River City 3 Railers first gathered in 2007.  We had been invited to run trains with a gentleman by the name of Ron Timma at the Chesterfield County Fair.  The following year, Ron and this group set up his layout.  Our group provided the majority of the staffing for the Chesterfield County Fair exhibit.  Ron's layout consisted of tables onto which he would build a new track design each year.  It was a time and labor intensive operation both to set up and to tear down.  After the 2008 County Fair, it was decided to form an organization dedicated to building and maintaining a modular layout.  The first 12 modules were constructed over the winter of 2009-2010 and displayed at the Fair in August 2010.  This original layout consisted of the four corner modules and eight straight modules.  With the addition of new members, we have been very busy over the past few years, and have constructed a plethora of new modules.  These included a yard lead, three yard modules, two crossover modules,  bridge module, several city scens, an operating model railroad... on the model railroad, a mountain with tunnel, and a large city with a carnival that encompasses several modules.  The full layout can be seen every year at the annual Science Museum of Virginia Train Show, and our Holiday Display at the Great Big Green House.  In addition, we havea smaller "tinplate" layout that we have been bringing to some of are smaller events, and this year we are constructing a second small layout, somewhat bigger than the original one, for even more action!  Check out our Events page for information on where to find us!

We are affiliated with the Richmond Freelance & Prototype Model Railroaders, and umbrella organization consisting of model railroaders of all scales throughout the greater Richmond, Virginia area.  We are their designated "O" Scale Special Interest Group.

For 2019, our S.I.G. officers are:

  • President - Tom Gilsdorf
  • Vice President - Bob Beuhler
  • Secretary - Peter Mellon
  • Treasurer - Dexter Oliver
  • Webmaster - Chris Nagle

To contact any of our officers, send an email to Webmaster Chris Nagle at chris@rivercity3railers.org

Our layout forms a large rectangle, and includes a double track main line, two passing sidings, and a yard.  We ensure an "O-72" diameter minimum curve to ensure that all "O" Scale 3 Rail equipment can operate on our layout.  Below is an overview shot of our layout in November 2013 at the annual Science Museum of Virginia train show.  More pictures of our layout can be found on our Photos page.

We are continually looking for new members, and to expand our layout.  If you're interested in becoming a member, more information can be found on the Contact page.